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Referred to inaccurately as ‘semi-fermented’ teas, Wu Long (Oolong) teas which is also known as ‘Blue-Green’ because of the color of the infused leaves, are semi oxidized – the oxidation process is interrupted part way through – unlike Green Teas which are not oxidized at all, and Black Teas which are fully oxidized.

Oolong Tea

Glenburn Moonshine – First Flush – 2017 (Hand-Rolled Exotic Clonal)

Glenburn Moonshine is our first offering from the prestigious Glenburn Tea Estate. This tea has been made during the early Spring from the Av2 clone variety. Very tender two leaf and a bud plucked by expert hands are sent for withering. Then they are HAND-ROLLED by tender hands which add to the delicacy of this tea.